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East Court Ford East Court Ford Lincoln

Retiree's Conference
Port Elgin
Sept 7-13, 2013

Delgates get ready to vote

Dave Trembley and Len Hope

Chris Wilski, Arnie Devann and Gary Beck

Lewenza Swears in new Retirees Executive

Mike Lund 444 Retiree of the Year

Don Barker (RS) Charlie Goode_(707 Pres)

Chris Wilski Speaks on reinstating PCOLA  for our retirees

Convention delegates

Jerry Dias president of Unifor speaks to the delegates

Frank Marek and Chris Wilski

Don Barker and Arnie DeVann

Herb John at the Mike

Resolutions Committee

Katha Fortier Unifor Ontario Regional Director speaks to the delegates

Bill Hicks, Mary Straus, Charlie Goode and Sany Carricato (LtoR)

Rob Mclean waits to speak on a resolution

Delegates listen to the Resolutions being debated.

Local 707 Don Barker and Arnie DeVann

Local 200 Herb John at the Mike



Labour Day Parade Sept 2, 2013

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Jerry Dias Elected as
President of UNIFOR

Jerrry Dias

Jerry Dias hugs his wife Leslie after being declared the first president of Unifor at the Unifor founding convention in Toronto, Saturday, August 31, 2013. Dias, assistant to CAW national president Ken Lewenza, was chosen Saturday at the founding convention of Unifor, a merger of the CAW and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada.

Jerry Dias, a veteran of the Canadian Auto Workers, is the first president of the new Unifor union.

Dias, assistant to the CAW national president, was chosen Saturday at the founding convention of Unifor, a merger of the CAW and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada.

The current heads of the two unions opted out of the race to head Unifor, which becomes the largest private sector union in Canada.

More than 4,000 people have gathered in Toronto this weekend for the new union’s founding convention.

CAW national president Ken Lewenza and CEP president Dave Coles say they believe the organization needs fresh leadership.

They also stress the need for a broader, more diverse membership.

“This convention is about all workers across this country, especially those workers who work in precarious employment, who are abused by their employers, who fail to make a decent living because their bosses are jamming the profits of their corporations and companies into their pockets,” Coles told union members in a speech Saturday.

The union will initially represent more than 300,000 workers across roughly 20 sectors of the economy, primarily in manufacturing, communications and transportation.

It will also represent some public sector employees in the health, education and transit sectors.

“We recognize that we are speaking for 300,000 members… but in today’s deliberations we are talking about 30 million Canadians, Canadians with the right to universal health care, the right to child care and the right to good public services,” Lewenza said.

The CEP and CAW voted last year to join forces, a move they hope will boost the national labour movement.

Officials have said the switch to a non-traditional name — one that goes beyond simply listing occupations or industries — signals the union is looking to branch out.

UNIFOR Convention
August 30 - 31, 2013



CAW Local 584 Annual
Volunteer Day

Knights Table

CAW Local 584 Actives & Retirees
had our annual volunteer day at the
Knights Table
Soup Kitchen/Food Bank on:


Local 584 also donated $500.00

Thanks to those that volunteered.

Doug Berry and Chris Wilski help Paul Dean and co-worker

Sandy Pitman with her Daughter Helping out in the kitchen

Roz Monchamp

Roz Monchamp Serving Lunch

Pauline Wilski Peeling Potatoes

Doug Berry Washes Dishes

Sandy Pitman and Daughter peeling potatoes for dinner



Retirees Christmas Luncheon December 5, 2012

Mandarin Dec 2012
Photos by Konrad Wilski



Retirees Thanksgiving Luncheon
October 5, 2012

Retirees Group
Click here for larger group Picture

Thanks to Sharon Crossley for taking all of the above pictures.


Local 584 Participates at
the Sept 3, 2012 Labour
Day Parades in both
Port Elgin & Toronto





CAW Local 584 Retirees Attend
1st CAW Constitutional and Collective Bargaining Convention
August 20, 2012

CAW president Ken Lewenza speaks at the union’s convention Monday in Toronto on Monday, August 20, 2012.

Dave Moran, Wayne Reid, Henry Schouten,Tom Reynolds and Barry Lang

Barry Lang, Keith White, Ron Carson, Doug Berry and Dave Moran

Ron Carson, Frank Marek, Chris Wilski, Doug Berry and Dave Moran

Keith White, Harry Deamer, Lawrence Lettney and Pat Brown

Ken and Jean Cuthbert, Sharon Burton and Roz Monchamp

Ramsey Macdonald, Brian O'Dell, Bob Luffman, Doug Scott, Dennis Leblanc, Eli Worniuk and Danny Chaisson

Byron Nearing, Steve Koloff and Pat Brown

Roz Monchamp, Orville Shaw, Dave Moran and Reg Galbraith

Retirees wating to enter convention floor

Doug Berry and Frank Marek carrying Local 584 Retirees flag.

Retirees Executive waiting to enter hall

Eli Worniuk, Danny Chaisson and Sharon Burton

Local 584 Retirees starting to enter convention hall

Delgates give the Retirees a standing ovation as they enter the hall

Bob Chernicki and MP Peggy Nash clapping for the Retirees

Chris Buckley GM Chair Cheers Retirees on

Buzz Hargrove and Jim O'Neil cheer for the Retirees

Frank Marek & Doug Berry Carry our flag onto the convention hall

Ken Lewenza Speaks to the retirees

Video Available here

Thanks to the following Retirees who came in
support of our CAW Bargaining Team.

Your participation will make a difference!

Doug Berry
Henry Schouten
Roz Monchamp
Sharon Burton
Wayne Reid
Bob Luffman
Dave Moran
Eli Worniuk
Tom Reynolds
Doug Scott
Orville Shaw
Chris Wilski
Frank Marek
Reg Galbraith
Carney Scott
Brian O'Dell
Ken Cuthbert
Jean Cuthbert
Danny Chaisson
Byron Nearing
Harry Deamer
Lawrence Lettney
Pat Brown
Ramsey Macdonald
Barry Lang
Kathy Lang
Keith White
Steve Koloff
Ron Carson
Dennis Leblanc



Hunger Challenge Awarness Day

CAW Local 584 Retirees volunteered
their time on Friday June 8th at the Knights
Table in Brampton.

The Local also Generously donated
$500 to this worthy cause!

Thanks to Sharon Burton, Roz Monchamp, Doug Berry
and Dave Champagne for the wonderful job they all did.



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