CAW Local 584
Retirees Attend Health
Care Rally Niagara-On-the-lake
July 25, 2013

CAW Local 584
Retirees Attend Health
Care Rally - July 25, 2013

Premiers Group Shot

Chris Wilski

Public Health CarePremiers from across Canada met at Niagara-on-the-Lake on July 24 & 25 to participate in the Council of the Federation meetings. This was a particularly important Council of the Federation meeting as it is the last before the expiration of the National Health Accord in 2014.

The Harper government has signaled its retreat from the federal government's role as a supporter of social programs and services that Canadians need.  Key programs like health care are facing cuts and national standards are being abandoned.

So far, the Harper government has done nothing to uphold single-tier public Medicare. The government is threatening to back away from upholding national health care standards, improving drug coverage and home/community care, and ensuring stable and adequate funding for health care.  Harper's planning on renewing the National Health Accord, but with no consultation from provincial governments, health care providers and citizens - those who deliver and access health care each and every day.

Doug Berry enbracing the Prime Minister

CAW National President Ken Lewenza along with Sid Ryan were one of the many guest speakers at the rally.


Chris Wilski Retirees Chair CAW Local 584

Rally Begins

Gord Wilson

Ken Lewenza Talks with Gord Wilson

Herb John and Rick Reaume doing a mock presentation

(Lto R) Charlie Goode, 444 Retiree, Doug Berry, Bob Such, 1520 Retiree, Dave Trembley, Retirees Jenny Ahn and Dean Lindsay

Doug Berry Stands up to a Police Presence

Doug Berry Embraes The Prime Miniter

The Trojan Horse arrives at Queens Landing

Doug Berry Leads the March to Queens Landing where the Premiers were gathered

Sid Ryan Speaks to the crowd

Sid Ryan Speaks to the crowd in front of Queens Landing

Mock Doctore checks patient

State of Health Care

Protesters Gather in front of Queens Landing

Photos by Chris Wilski

Premiers Group Shot



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