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Terry Fox

Terry Fox
Frank Marek And then President Paul Lessard Present check from CAW Local 584
Frank Marek with Bob White and George Botic
Wilski family at Labour day Parade
Frank Marek, Frank Mccanally, Ernie Mackay, Roz Monchamp, Chris Wilski and Steve Godsoe
Chris Wilski with Victor & Sofie Reuther in Port Elgin
Frank Marek at WCB protest in Toronto
Chris and Pauline Wilski with the Bob White Family
Steve Godsoe Terry Gorman, Bob White, Tony King and Bill Russell
Frank Marek, Chris Wilski, Brian Feil, Joe Marek, Steve Godsoe and Reg Galbraith Fishing off of Bronte
CAW LOcal 584 Softball Team



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